17-year-old Milo

17-year-old Milo

17-year-old Milo feeds 37 kids – by Laura Durham

Milo Collaris is not your typical 17-year-old. While most of his contemporaries in The Netherlands and across the world may have spent their school holidays relaxing and having fun with friends, Milo chose to volunteer at an NGO. In South Africa.

During his 10 days with JAM SA, Milo was kept very busy: From delivering shoes to various schools and churches, visiting our beneficiary child care centres to getting stuck into the painting and complete transformation of Young Teddys, one of our centres in Orange Farm, Gauteng.

With the help of his friends and family, Milo managed to raise enough money to feed 37 children each school day for the next year.  “People were willing to give for a bigger purpose,” he says.

During his time in South Africa, Milo also got to visit Pretoria Zoo, Pilansberg National Park and some other local attractions. He noticed a number of differences between South Africa and back home. “The biggest difference is the security and protection you have here. In The Netherlands there are no fences, gates or walls. To have a gate is to show how rich you are!”

Of course, spending time in the field at the child care centres in which JAM SA operates brought it all home for Milo.

“The poverty here in South Africa is shocking. People live here in houses that are made of metal plates (corrugated iron). It really is shocking! You can really see how badly they need help from JAM and other organisations.”