5 things

5 things

5 things you can do this Mandela Day

As Mandela spends his sixth week in hospital, there’s no doubt that this year’s Mandela Day is going to be the biggest yet.

Some of you might not have decided on how you are going to spend your 67 minutes doing good on Thursday 18 July. Others might just not have time (or permission!) to be away from the office for 67 minutes.

So here’s a list of 5 simple things you can do this Mandela Day that will really have an impact on some of the vulnerable and needy children who attend JAM-supported child care centres:

DONATE R30 to feed a child for a month, R360 to feed a child for a year.

COLLECT old toys, clothes and books at your company/school/church for children between the ages of zero and six [email jamsa@jamint.com for drop-off arrangements].

BUY nappies, blankets and mattresses to be handed out to JAM-supported child care centres in informal settlements.

COMMIT to making a long-term difference by signing up for a monthly debit order or raising funds for your company/school/church to fund a makeover at one of these centres.

SHARE what your company is doing this Mandela Day by posting on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

For more information, visit our website www.jamsa.co.za or email jamsa@jamint.com