When their family friend and former JAM trustee, Keith Avery, died earlier this year, Mischa Hare decided to help raise funds in his memory. This 10-year-old, who attends Nutfield Church School in Surrey, England, says: “I wanted to do a fundraising event for JAM because it was Keith’s favourite charity. I love the aims of

Children at JAM-assisted schools receive a Red Bowl of highly nutritious porridge each day. For many this is the main source of the essential macro- and micronutrients necessary for their mental and physical development. Feeding in these schools has other benefits as well. Caregivers gain access to our monitors’ expertise and advice through regularly held

Each month we’ll be featuring one of our mamas who run the ECD centres in which we feed children. They are unsung heroes working tirelessly, for very little in return, to give the children in their communities a better start in life. They look after them so their parents can go and work or just

Owner of Liqui Moly worldwide, Mr Ernst Prost, took his audience by surprise last week when, instead of promoting his products at a press conference, he announced a generous donation to charities in South Africa. “I made a decision this morning that we will, establish here in South Africa, with my private money, a Liqui