The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO) has warned that the conflict in South Sudan poses a risk to food security and nutrition. JAM understands only too well the complexities and challenges facing South Sudan, having begun its Nutritional Feeding programme in that country in 2001. The month long conflict has plunged the country’s

JAM’s rapid expansion into other provinces in South Africa (SA) within a short period of time is a strong indication of the need for early childhood development (ECD) support and Nutritional Feeding. At the end of 2013, JAM SA was providing meals to 40,000 children daily at ECD centres, crèches and play schools in the

South Sudan Crisis Appeal

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With an estimated 4,000 people dead and more than 200,000 displaced in just three weeks, over 100 000 of these being children – and with warnings that these numbers could increase dramatically – South Sudan is currently in a state of emergency that is effecting tens of thousands of children every day. Well over 100,000

When people visit any one of JAM’s African programs, it usually proves to be a life-changing and inspiring experience. Pastor Steve Fleming, JAM Canada Board Member, shares his most recent experiences. In 2011, together with my wife, Beth, we visited a number of nursery school makeovers and feeding programs in South Africa. It was difficult to

Unicef reported that an estimated 95,000 children were left orphaned after the 1994 Rwandan genocide took place. Many more children were displaced and separated from their families during the massacre when the Hutu tribe raged a war against members of the Tutsi tribe. Following the genocide, many civilians and international organisations responded to the crisis

True to our call to empower Africa, JAM South Sudan is implementing various agricultural projects including, vegetable production, construction and/or rehabilitation of feeder roads and water canals, as well as the construction or rehabilitation of water points for livestock. In order to prepare the communities of Lake State, namely Rumbek North, Yirol East, and Awerial,

Education for life

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JAM takes health and nutrition seriously, and education on matters pertaining to this is high on the agenda. Since the beginning of 2013, 21 Health and Nutrition Clubs have been active in Angola, carrying out various activities from distributing nutrition pamphlets to establishing school gardens and giving lectures to community members about school gardens. Out

One of the schools JAM feeds through the Nutritional Feeding programme, EPC Chitsotso School, is looking towards a sustainable future. Passionate about sustainability, the Headmaster Ms Albertina Matsinhe and her team are hopeful that one day the school will be able to produce its own food, which will benefit their community. By providing match funding,

Water for security and hope

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By providing water to one of the communities of Caimbambo, a municipality within Benguela District in Angola, JAM remains committed to help curb preventable fatalities caused by water-borne diseases in Africa. A remarkable 50 water wells were drilled in Caimbambo during the first quarter of 2013. Before the well was drilled, obtaining water was a

Celebrating the importance of World Water Day on 22 March, JAM stands firm in its goal to help curb preventable fatalities caused by water-borne diseases in Africa. According to the World Bank, an estimated 1.5 million people died globally in 2012 of such diseases. Within JAM’s development programs, strong emphasis is placed on providing water