Brighter future for Orange Farm

Brighter future for Orange Farm

Brighter future for Orange Farm’s children

Mama Ann started Sakhile Day Care Centre in her garage with six children. Today, more than 30 children will be skipping to school, looking forward to spending the day in a bright and happy classroom with lots of books, puzzles and toys to keep them busy – all thanks to the JAM Switzerland makeover!

Sakhile (meaning ‘to build’) is a fitting name for the child care centre as Mama Ann, together with the day-to-day support of JAM SA’s Nutritional Feeding programme and this wonderful makeover by JAM Switzerland, is creating a firm foundation for these children.

Mama Ann invited a representative from the Department of Social Development to attend the handover to show her the excellent results of the makeover and the steps she is taking to reach full compliance. “Now there is space for the kids, no more overcrowding!” Her committed teachers are now able to have their own classrooms, as opposed to working on a rotation basis as before. The classes had also been mixed (Montessori approach) but now the children will be separated into age-related classes, in accordance with Government’s ECD requirements.

Mama Ann says this new centre will challenge her as a leader and principal and she hopes to be able to create more jobs as the enrolment figure grows. “I am so so happy and very motivated!” Already, parents are enrolling their children for 2014!

For pictures of the full transformation, please visit our Facebook page.