Celebrate the mamas who feed our youth

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Each month we’ll be featuring one of our mamas who run the ECD centres in which we feed children. They are unsung heroes working tirelessly, for very little in return, to give the children in their communities a better start in life. They look after them so their parents can go and work or just so that they stay off the streets.

Conditions are tough and the typical ECD centre is a tiny hovel, usually a shack, that the mama has converted as best she can using the meagre resources at her disposal.

Nevertheless, you hardly ever hear these women complain as they try to deal with all the obstacles in the most optimistic and pragmatic ways possible.

Mama of the month

Mama Annie Phohlela of Sakhile Day Care Centre in Orange Farm is one of these. She is enchanting and takes her role seriously. Her warm smile welcomes everyone who comes through her door.

In 2013 her ECD was fortunate enough to benefit from a JAM makeover in a bid to get her on the road towards governmental registration after which she will become eligible for a subsidy.

The subsidies, however, are pretty elusive and the goalposts keep shifting, but Annie says she tries not to let this get her down. She is very proud of her centre which has gone from strength to strength.

“Principals from primary schools call me; they want me to be their feeder school. This makes me very, very happy,” she says, the grin never gone for long.

Thank you Mama Annie for all you do for those in your charge.


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  1. Sabina says : Reply

    So awesome, thanks for the article! I’m so happy that Mamma Ann is doing well. I’m working for JAM Switzerland and in 2013 I came with a group to do the Makeover. It’s so good to know that Mamma Ann takes great care of her new creche. She really is a precious lady with a big heart! Mamma Ann – we love you!

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