Chalkboards with love

Chalkboards with love

At the handing over of 19 personalised mini chalkboards, Olivia Felton shared, “I feel very happy that I could help and I hope this has inspired more people to have JAM themed parties, because it is touching to see your work helping others”. This moment was a result of thoughtful work and was driven by a spirit of giving.

In August 2014, a young teenage girl with an inquiring mind by the name of Olivia Felton decided that for her fourteenth birthday she would throw a JAM themed Party! She recalled, “I went through JAM SA’s website and came across a story about a Red Bowl party which was organised and hosted by Heather Brown, a JAM SA donor.” Olivia was inspired by this. She put on her thinking cap and started brainstorming.

With jolly eyes she recalled, “I thought it would be great to have red food like red velvet cupcakes and red ribbons for decoration and for the entertainment I thought it would be good to create something practical to donate to JAM.” Olivia and her birthday guests got their creative juices flowing and crafted 19 beautiful mini chalkboards.

Olivia and her mother, Justine, contacted JAM SA’s MD, David Brown and through our programmes department a Zandspruit day care centre in need was selected to receive the chalkboards. On 25 November 2014, Olivia and her friends were invited for a tour of our base. After the tour the young ladies were taken to Zandspruit to personally present the chalkboards to the children attending Olerato Day Care Centre.

Talitha Maree, one of Olivia’s friends thought the whole experience was great fun and enjoyed helping the children write their names on the boards and drawing on their new boards. Danielle De Forte, shared, “you don’t realise until you see it. Something we have done is being used for good”. Mama Hunadi, the day care owner, felt very happy that the children were having such great fun and she appreciated the chalkboards which will be used by the next group of grade R’s.

Justine felt very humbled by the whole experience. She expressed, “There is so much need in the area but it is great that in some way we could help”. Justine further added that these outreaches, “helps teenagers to be grateful and content with their material objects”. Justine felt very proud of her daughter and her friends and added that, “I hope this has cultivated a spirit of giving in these girls and their friends”.