Cherae gathered teddies

Cherae gathered teddies

Cherae gathered teddies to bring some cheer

Cherae Olivier always wanted to assist in the community and was prompted into action when she realised that cheering up children was a good place to start.

Together with her family and friends she collected 114 teddies, including a giant pink shark that the children at Blessings Day Care in Diepsloot adored! Each child was given a brightly coloured gift bag with a teddy, a chocolate egg and a party toy just in time for the 2016 Easter holidays. She also managed to get the school a fridge.

“I believe that everyone can do something and that helping others grow and develop is vital! We live in a beautiful country and there is so much potential and many amazing people in it. Unfortunately, through circumstances, many are at a disadvantage. I believe by us helping as many people as we can we will be able to instil a sense of hope, motivation and purpose.”

Through her own charity, Grace, Cherae has many other projects on the horizon.

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