Above and beyond

Above and beyond

Craig took his bike above and beyond

Craig Wittstock is a REAL legend who raised an AMAZING R52 000 for JAM by cycling the Sani2C and TransBaviaans cycle challenges with his old school friend Derek Schulze.

Not willing to rest on his laurels, he then threw his enthusiasm into rallying the troops at KFC/YUM to join the Red Riders and take part in the 2017 947 Telkom Cycle Challenge. As a mountain biker, Craig had never done the 947 road race before but he did so with drive and a great sense of fun, encouraging his colleagues and fellow riders to wear brightly coloured socks and shorts on the day.

JAM would also like to thank all the Red Riders who participated in the Cycle Challenge. JAM truly appreciates the effort to help us change the lives of children less fortunate – we cannot do our work without AMAZING people like you!

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