Day of the African Writer

Day of the African Writer

In honour of today, International Day for the African Writer, we’d like to showcase the creative writing and poetry of one of our beneficiaries, Paulina Mabekebeke, owner of Non’s Day Care  in Evaton West, Gauteng.


JAM – Justified to Acknowledge Millions


You are ‘just’ a drop of water

but you water the whole world.

You are a spark of fire

that gives warm to the little hearts that need comfort and appreciation.

You feed the mouth

than can speak prophecy one day.


You give these little angels a hope to see the world differently

and stand firm to the ground,

with the aim of establishing themselves.


It’s people like you who motivates us to believe

in the little strength that we have.


*an extract from a letter of appreciation from Noni’s Day Care in Evaton West, Gauteng.