Success in Orange Farm

Success in Orange Farm

Designing permaculture success in Orange Farm

Ntsoaki Mgaga’s passion for art, along with her recognition of the critical food security situation in Orange Farm made her the perfect candidate for the permaculture project that JAM SA installed in the community in 2009.

Permaculture design emphasises patterns of landscape, species assembly, and maximisation of allocated space and resources. The enthusiasm Ntsoaki demonstrates during training sessions resonates in her effort to educate locals. She holds weekly forum meetings in a nearby multi-purpose centre for new and returning individuals that wish to sart their own gardens or farms.

Successfully instructing over 500 people since 2009, Ntsoaki has learned not only about permaculture, but also of her own internal strength to continuously put one foot in front of the other despite obstacles present in the community. By using all that has been made available by JAM, both her farming project and permaculture classes flourish.

Her farming project embraces variety and intermingling of different herbs and plant species. By achieving the perfect combinations, she is able to prevent harmful fungi growth and deter predator animals and insects. Ntsoaki’s permaculture project reflects her hopes and aspirations for Orange Farm. The community cannot progress unless cooperation amongst individuals is achieved. Once collaboration is attained, Ntsoaki declares the sky is the limit.

JAM believes in Ntsoaki’s dream of a better Orange Farm and will continue to support individuals that share her vision, one garden at a time.

(words and photo by Rafael Woldeab)