Donor appreciation evening

Donor appreciation evening

Jam SA donor appreciation evening is held in Fourways to thank all those who give to the organisation

Humanitarian development and relief organisation, Jam SA is dedicated to underprivileged communities and has been feeding more than 84 000 school children every school day for over a decade.

The organisation operates within nine provinces and successfully supports early childhood development centres. Recently, the organisation held a donor appreciation event at Blue Label Telecoms to thank all of their partnerships with various companies and individuals.

Ann Pretorius, co-founder of Jam SA said, “Let’s take Jam and spread it everywhere. The outcome is evident and we are all honoured to be a part of it.”

Most of all, Pretorius wanted to express gratitude to the organisation’s teams on the ground and in the trenches. “We honour those people here tonight,” said Pretorius.

She thanked partners and donors for being the support base for Jam SA by putting their money behind the vision and mission of the organisation’s purpose.

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