Eugenia’s Story

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Since 2001, JAM has drilled and installed more than 2,600 water wells in various African countries starting with the drilling of the first well in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Our water provision, powered by our loyal donors, must expand especially in Angola, where women and children continue to struggle without this basic necessity for life.

Every day, for more than a decade, Eugenia Bulembu from Tchiyala Village in Angola, has walked to collect water three kilometres away.

“When we reach the water source, my job is to gather the water with a cup and fill everyone’s containers. I am healthy, and my arms can fit through the branches in the pit that keep the animals away,” she says. Although she is now healthy, Eugenia admits to suffering from chronic diarrhea, which is why so many children have died in her village. A major cause of severe malnutrition in Africa and child mortality is diarrhea caused by polluted water.

There are so many like Eugenia who you can help when you partner with JAM to bring the life-changing gift of safe drinking water to communities – a fundamental human right.

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  1. Jacques Hammer says : Reply

    Hi There

    1. What is the cost to sponsor a water well in Angola?
    2. What is the water quality like from the well? Is it safe for drinking?
    3. How long does a well last?



    • Duncan Brown says : Reply

      HI Jacques,

      Apologies for the delay. Unfortunately we missed you post while ago. To sponsor a drilled borehole (up to 110m deep) costs $12,000. We do water quality testing on the boreholes to assess water quality and we ensure that the water is fit for human consumption by checking for PH, salts and heavy metals. Our water team guarantees that functioning of the borehole for a year, most of the time the borehole does remain functional for longer though. It depends on how well the community embraces the training that they receive.

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