Everyone say “trees”!

Everyone say “trees”!

In honour of Arbor Week, JAM SA got our hands dirty by transplanting trees, which will grow in the nursery and be planted in some of our child care centres. In less than an hour, we prepared 163 trees!

Thursday 5 September started off a little differently at JAM SA. The morning meeting was held at the nursery on the JAM Base and the agenda? Plant some trees!

The team was tasked with filling bags with soil (both donated by Servest) in preparation for planting the tree cuttings dug up from one of the gardens on the base (thank you Jackie Pretorius!). The JAMmers worked hard, some with gloves and trowels and others using their bare hands to shovel the dirt into the bags. We were also entertained with an Arbor Day Quiz, with green Fizzers being dished out as prizes.

The result after just one hour of hard work? 163 new trees in the nursery, ready to be planted at some of our JAM-supported child care centres! The morning really showed us how far a little time and effort can go to making a green difference!

Thank you to Jacob Maduna, JAM SA’s Agricultural Supervisor, for leading us on this journey into our own environment.

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