Gaby and Kristen collect tins of spare change

Eleven-year-old Gaby and eight-year-old Kristen often see their father Iniel Dreyer (owner of Gabsten Technologies) raising funds for JAM. They asked him how they could help and he encouraged them to raise funds at their school, Trinity House Little Falls.

Kristen and Gaby collect filled JAM money tins every Friday and bring them back on Monday so they can be filled again. The money is given to JAM and goes towards feeding.

Gaby and Kristen said: “We do this because we’re so privileged and we have so much and believe we should help underprivileged children and make their lives a little easier.”

Iniel said: “It’s the best feeling in the world to see your children take the initiative to help others. As a parent I guide them but at the end of the day it’s up to them to want to help.”

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