Share the Message

Share the Message

The movement for change begins with YOU.

JAM is often inundated with requests from people who are keen to become part of our movement for change in Africa but don’t know how and where to begin, or even how to get their family, friends and colleagues involved.

As you embark on your journey of giving, we ask you to first consider: “What special skills and resources do I have that can make a difference to those in need?” We at JAM are happy to take this journey with you, as you discover what giving is about for you. There are three acts of kindness that we have identified to help you on your journey: ‘share your time’ – to give of your time by volunteering or hosting events for JAM South Africa’s benefit; ‘share your wallet’ – to contribute monetary donations, and ‘share your network’ – to help spread JAM’s story through your host of networks.

However you choose to give, we would like to thank you on behalf of the thousands of beneficiaries we serve. Without your dedication, passion, love and commitment to Helping Africa help itself, JAM would not be able to reach the many people that we do. Please also remember to keep us posted about any activities and initiatives that you are involved in, we’d love to hear from you and also share your acts of kindness with the rest of our networks. Contact us.

Share your social network

It’s so easy. Help us to build our presence on social media by liking or following us on any of your favourite social networking platform.

Keep up to date with what’s going on at JAM through Facebook, twitter and google+ and share stories with your friends.

You have access to thousands of people through your social networks … please lend us some!


Share at social events

Social events provide an ideal platform to network in an environment that is relaxed and filled with people of many different kinds.

These interactions are often taken for granted but could facilitate something great.

Therefore, spreading the word about the work of JAM at such events could mean the start to great partnerships.