Halting hunger

Halting hunger

Halting hunger in Swaneville on World Food Day

One of the objectives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ World Food Day, marked every year on 16 October, is to ‘heighten public awareness of the problem of hunger in the world’. To help relieve hunger in the Swaneville community, 160 beneficiaries received take-home food hampers, provided by KFC Add Hope.

For KFC Add Hope’s campaign during World Hunger Relief Month in October, the company has replaced the Colonel with the smiling faces of children at 104 KFCs in an effort to raise awareness about the unnecessary plight of hungry children. “October is the month when we really accelerate the profile of Add Hope, so that people can understand the programme. Every R2 goes into the tummies of hungry children and can make a difference,” comments Doug Smart, Managing Director of KFC South Africa.

Lindy April, Add Hope CSI Trust Administrator, handed over the hampers (containing 12 basic grocery items, including cooking oil, maize meal and beans) to child-headed households, people with disabilities and pensioners from the surrounding area. “Today was ‘so good!’ It was amazing for KFC Add Hope to be a part of this, on the ground, and see the difference being made. It was pertinent also, to see these beneficiaries who are also actually our customers and most likely to ‘Add Hope’!”

Nokuzole Hanisa, who supports five grandchildren off her meagre pension, says she is “very very happy” to receive such a gift from KFC Add Hope. “Today was also an opportunity to see some of the most vulnerable members of the community receive the generous support and assistance of others,” adds JAM’s David Brown.

“We look forward to seeing a growing number of community farmers developed and actively providing for themselves, their families and their communities.”

“Today we have realised how important we are,” concludes Welheminah Mutane, member of the Tlhaku Farming Project in Swaneville on the West Rand of Johannesburg. “The impact of seeing JAM and KFC Add Hope close to us, specifically us, it’s amazing!”

“Phambili nge JAM, Phambili!” (Forward with JAM, forward)