Happy Day Care Centre

Happy Day Care Centre

Happiness at Happy Day Care Centre

“Ngiyambongela umngani [I’m happy for my friend] because this is what we want for the children of Diepsloot, as we are lacking resources” expressed Delisile Sibande.

Whilst a volunteer shared that an, “excellent job has been done and the nobility of the act is beautiful.”

Happy Day Care Centre was established by Mam’Abigaile Ramatsitsi in 2011 and over the years she has tried her best to improve her ECD centre to reach compliance levels stipulated by the various governmental departments. Mam’Ramatsitsi has real passion for education as she is studying towards her level 4 and would like her caregivers to also receive training. In 2013 her centre became a beneficiary of JAM SA’s Nutritional Feeding Programme and the centres circumstances began to changing, leading to the makeover.

From the 28th till the 30th of May in zealous spurts; groups of 20 (sometimes more!) industrious and energetic volunteers made their way to Diepsloot to carry out a makeover at Happy Day Care Centre. The three groups did splendid work. The first group on the 28th cleaned and sand papered the walls in preparation of a fresh coat of paint; thereafter the corrugated roof was repaired and painted.

The second group painted the classroom and further painted cartoons on the concrete wall. The third and final group painted the outside wall, laid out the Astroturf, laid out the multicoloured mats in the two classrooms. The teams enjoyed the work and felt really satisfied with the work done. Two volunteers expressed that they had a great time and felt proud of their colleagues for the work done for the community.

JAM SA’s MD David Brown congratulated the enthusiastic teams of volunteers and added that the teams are, “making a difference” in the lives of the children by, “investing in their future”. The team leader shared that, “it was a new experience for myself and my colleagues and we’re happy to see the kids and their excitement”.

A grandparent shared that, “when the centre was opened we all thought it was a joke but through parents support it grew. It was needed because parents had to walk a distance to find day care centres for their children. It was a needed service and now it’s grown and looking beautiful!”

Mam’Abigaile Ramatsitsi was happy with the makeover and shared, “I’m so impressed. My building was horrible before”. The caregivers led the children in song to express their gratitude. A volunteer who was very touched by the makeover expressed that, “a noble deed like this makes you want to do more”.