Itsoseng Day Care

Itsoseng Day Care

Itsoseng Day Care wakes up to a new look!

Itsoseng (meaning ‘wake up’) has undergone an amazing transformation thanks to the time and effort invested by the JAM Switzerland makeover team.

“Thank you to JAM for what you are doing for us,” comments one mom on behalf of the parents. “This is an amazing opportunity for our kids – they are going to have lots and lots of fun! It’s overwhelming in a way!”

“If you see me crying, don’t feel shame, these are tears of joy! What I have seen here has been amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!” says Mama Gladys. She encouraged all of the parents and community members present to take care of the blessing they had all been given by way of the new centre.

Mama Gladys has always done her best for the children, even when she had to make do with classrooms in tin shacks and broken jungle gym equipment. “The standard of a crèche in Sandton in Orange Farm must be the same! The development is not the same but we say we are going to fight for this. Viva JAM viva! Phambili JAM phambili!” 

“‘Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabuntu,’ a person is a person because of other people,” comments Refilwe Pitjeng, online producer at Eyewitness News who also volunteers in the community. “This JAM Swiss makeover team has showed us that as a collective, if we do things together, we can move forward!”

“When people come into our communities and assist us in ensuring our children will have better future than us, I become very excited!” comments Sizwe Mnguni, PR Councillor for the DA in Orange Farm. “I am full of excitement and my heart is filled with so much joy!”

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