JAM Christmas 2019

JAM Christmas 2019

This Christmas, help feed a hungry child.

It is the festive season, and we invite you to experience a day in the life of a South African child. It can be a stark and harsh reality, but it is also beautiful. Our children in informal settlements are faced with hardship, but they are happy and show gratitude and love! There is a great spirit of community.

Vulnerable pre-schoolers often do not get breakfast at home, and have to walk a long way to get to school. They spend the day learning, and then must cope with the long, tiring walk home, with many not receiving an evening meal.

At JAM South Africa we do our best to ensure that our beneficiaries get the nutrition they need to take them through their day. Effective nutrition allows these vulnerable children to grow mentally and physically, so that they can face their day and their futures with a smile and enthusiasm.

As we approach the end of the year, let’s join hands in helping hungry children to get what they need – a daily meal.

It is easy to help. All contributions make a difference.

We wish you an amazing festive season!