They make it happen!

They make it happen!

JAM Gents – they make it happen!

Joint Aid Management (JAM) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. With each year we grow; feeding just over 44 000 children in South Africa, helping more farmers develop sustainable skills and so too does the skills base of our field monitors.

On the 6th of June a group of young ladies and gents met at the Orange Farm Skills Centre in Orange Farm for a Monitoring and Evaluation workshop, organised by Joint Aid Management South Africa (JAM SA), for its field monitors.

JAM SA’s programmes are supported and monitored by field monitors who visit the Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres we supply with nutritional feeding. They further provide support and mentoring to the ECD centre owners and help them towards reaching compliance.

Programmes Supervisors’ Lunga Dlomo (27) and Tshidiso Mokoena (27) are cool young chaps. Lunga is an avid soccer player and Tshidiso a socialite. Having started off as field monitors a few years back, working in Jozi CBD and Orange Farm respectively, they have bucket loads of energy and passion for their roles in the communities they serve. Early this year JAM SA introduced cellphone monitoring to increase accuracy and cut down the need for excessive paper work.

Having used cellphone monitoring for a few months now, Lunga stated that, “I’ve learnt many skills and the process is effective, because you can edit and add. It is convenient and fast.” Tshidiso shared that, “it helps to be more observant and be able to assist ECD centres, because you don’t have to fiddle with paper work”.

JAM SA’s M&E Coordinator James Majaha stated, “We should work as a team to measure JAM’s impact” whilst JAM SA’s Gauteng Regional Coordinator Precious Msimango encouraged the field monitors and said, “Take up the challenge. Learn new things, new skills and build capacity…learning is about asking. Whatever we do, we do for growth”.

As South Africa celebrates its 20 years of democracy and forges onwards with the National Development Plan, JAM SA is committed to doing its part in providing the young people it employs with skills which will grow them and as Lunga Dlomo stated, be “techno savvy.”