World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day

JAM goes hungry for World Hunger Day

28 May was not a normal day for many JAM staff members this year. A number of us chose to go hungry to feel – just for one day – to experience what millions of children go through every single day across the world.

“The impact of today was more emotional than physical. I was overcome with emotion by the thought of millions dying of hunger. I couldn’t imagine feeling this hunger that I was feeling, day in and day out. The thought of this was so overwhelming for me,” comments Jeanette David, JAM SA’s KZN regional coordinator.

Kierran Horn, assistant to co-founder, Peter Pretorius, found that he struggled to get through his daily routine of a full work day followed by a gym workout.

Others not brave enough to go without food opted to donate R30 to fill one of JAM’s signature Red Bowls, to feed a child for an entire month. We managed to raise enough money to fill nearly 40 Red Bowls – that’s 40 more children who will enjoy a nutritious breakfast of JAM’s CSS+ porridge at their respective child care centres.

Sandy Waugh, PA to co-founder, Ann Pretorius, began to experience headaches and struggled to concentrate as her day without food wore on. “By lunchtime, I am ravenous…no lunch….come 2.30pm I am aware that I can always go and have a snack…I have that choice, but others do not as there is nothing for them to have so I will last until tonight as I truly want to feel what they feel.”

“Every time my bakkie pulls up at a crèche, I am greeted by beady-eyed, smiling faces because to these innocent children, JAM represents life and hope and to them, seeing me there means hope has arrived,” comments David.

“To me, there is no better fulfilment, no greater honour, no higher calling, than being that beacon of hope to a hungry dying nation through the platform of JAM,” she concludes.

Next year, we’ll be putting out the World Hunger Day challenge to all of JAM’s affiliates, country offices and the public at large!