JAM porridge

JAM porridge

JAM porridge helps owners to save and reinvest!

Mama Elizabeth of Bokang Day Care was able to build a new kitchen with the savings she built up after JAM SA started providing JAM porridge for the children’s breakfast.

JAM SA began feeding at the ECD centre in Palmsprings, Gauteng, in August last year.

Veronica Mokoena, cook at the centre, is very happy with the new kitchen. “Before, we had to use the kitchen in the house, which was cluttered. Now I can prepare food on the electric stove in the separate kitchen.”

Susan Mokoena, one of the teachers, says she has noticed many changes in the children, who now have more energy and are performing much better in their daily learning. The impact of the JAM porridge is not only seen by the improvement in the children, but in the increased ability for the owner to reinvest in the centre.

“Now that we have food from JAM, I try to save a little bit each month (+- R500). Next I would like to build a sick room for the children,” says Mama Elizabeth with excitement!
Well done to Mama Elizabeth, we hope that you inspire more ECD centre owners to invest so wisely! If you have a story to share with us, please email laura.durham@jamint.com.