Ride for a purpose

Ride for a purpose

JAM Red Riders Ride for a purpose at the 947 Cycle Challenge

Written By: Sarah Sebetola

While many cyclists at this years 947 Cycle challenge raced for fun, medals and fitness, the JAM Red Riders were on a different mission. A total of 44 riders donned their Red Jerseys to Ride for a Purpose to raise to be donated to JAM.

The scorching summer heat did little to dampen their enthusiasm.  Andrew Havinga, who last completed the challenge six years ago, faced some technical hitches along the way. ”I started off really good, but after 45km I snapped a spoke which then buckled my wheel really badly. Then when I was on my way to the next mechanical zone, the whole tyre blew.” He walked 6km to have the tyre repaired. “You don’t want to do half of the challenge and then have to bail.” He explained that despite all this, riding for the two great causes JAM and Add Hope was a pleasure. “It was awesome and I would do it again.”

JAMmers were excited to welcome Havinga and other Red Riders at the JAM charity stand, where they cooled off, rested and enjoyed much-deserved refreshments.

JAM thank all the Riders for all their efforts to help us change lives. A special thank you to Craig Wittstock from Add Hope, who made a tremendous effort to motivate everyone, generate great spirit and a sense of fun. 

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