Heroes from zero

Heroes from zero

JAM SA helps to make heroes from zero – by Jubilee Creche

Jubilee Creche & Pre-School in Inanda, KwaZulu-Natal recently sent a poem to say thank you to JAM SA for providing life-giving porridge to the children every day. The centre also recently received a makeover thanks to the generous support of Standard Bank.

(original spelling and grammar intact)

JAM, we love you

You are our hero, the saviour of our life

Amongs the companies your are our kings

You take nothing to be something

You make zero to be a hero

Since we started to eat your porrigde,

Something happened in our life.

We gain weight

We have more energy than before

We are glowing

Our brain cells become active and we

Grasp everything so eazely

We enjoy to eat porradge every morning

It prevent some diseases in our bodies

Before we started to eat your porradge,

it was so difficult to finish our sessions

but now the sessions is so short as a minutes

Thank you JAM.

Long leave, JAM leave…!!!