Mini Makeover

Mini Makeover

JAM Staff Completes a Mini Makeover for the First Time

Written by: Sarah Sebetola

For the first time, the JAMily team endured the scorching summer sun to paint and draw colourful animations at Lerato Day Care in Diepsloot. The three day painting project that started on the 24th of October, was completed by JAM staff with the help of a community volunteer and Day Care staff, who turned the once dull looking building into a beautifully painted crèche that creates a stimulating environment for the children to learn and play.

Brenda Makondo (Principal) extended the crèche using her savings, but she couldn’t afford to buy paint. For over eight months, the building was left dusty and unused. ”Today I’m so happy about what JAM did for us, I’m sure the children will also appreciate this.”

JAM started feeding at the crèche in 2011 when there were only eight children crowded in one room. Today there is a colourful creche and 65 children who are happy and healthy, all thanks to the JAM porridge. “This porridge works wonder for our kids, from growth, to mental development and it also treats malnutrition. Thank you JAM, May God bless you”.

Mischa Boshoff, (JAM team member) said, “being involved in the painting project was fun, I really enjoyed it. It was hard work but with each stroke of paint you feel like you’re making a difference.” Another JAMMER,Abigail Govender said “Attending the makeover is a totally awesome experience. The Mama’s are so grateful. For me that is most rewarding, that we have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.”

Well done to everyone involved, you made are AMAZING for making a REAL difference