Chris Jaftha as a JAMbassador

Chris Jaftha as a JAMbassador

JAM Welcomes Chris Jaftha as a JAMbassador

JAM welcomes a new JAM South Africa was thrilled when new Top Billing presenter, Chris Jaftha, offered to be our ambassador. His first public appearance for us was at our donor appreciation evening held in Sandton last month.

The dashing young man, who is a model, actor, dancer, presenter and MC is surprisingly humble and has been involved in charitable service all his life.
We managed to pin him down to answer some all-important questions:
1. How did you hear about JAM?

In December, my mother’s friend Marie Koopman, a life-long partner of JAM, asked her to support the cause. Since it was my birthday month, I decided to ask friends, family and fans to donate via sms in lieu of gifts for my birthday.

2. Why did you choose to partner with JAM?

I’d been looking to partner with people and organisations who share the same passions as me and when I asked people to donate, it dawned on me that I really needed to be a part of JAM.

My affiliation to Youth for Christ when I was younger afforded me to travel and raise funds for HIV and AIDS orphanages. Travelling throughout Southern Africa humbled me because I was exposed to true poverty.

Since getting into the entertainment industry I have realised that I have the platform to change lives, even if it’s in the smallest of ways. I started by lending a helping hand to my parents’ NGO. However, now that I’m exposed to a bigger audience, a cause like JAM’s is a dream that I’ve had in my heart for a long time. It just made sense to partner with them and not try and reinvent the wheel

3. What is the message you would like to share about JAM?

JAM is about real people, passionate about real struggles and who care enough to do something about it. It is about people who are compassionate, transparent and willing to sacrifice what they have for those less fortunate.

4. Why do you think we need to curb child hunger?

It’s a no brainer, no-one on this planet should ever be left hungry. Our bodies survive on food and water. Besides, animals provide for themselves and they are a lesser species. We need posterity right? We need to ensure that future generations are nurtured enough – body, soul and spirit.

Thank you Chris and welcome as our JAMbassador!

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