Luyanda Helps Us

Luyanda Helps Us

Luyanda Helps Us Care for the Future Generation

JAM South Africa has welcomed Luyanda Mzazi of Generations fame as another JAMbassador. The young actress who plays Lesedi on the popular soapie has always had a heart for helping others and has decided to use her “stage” to spread some magic in the lives of disadvantaged children.

“I chose to partner with JAM because of its achievements over the years and determination to make a difference and change lives for the better.

“This inspires me to look further into giving back. I am especially interested in programmes that aim to make the lives of children better, and I know that this is a cause that is at the centre of JAM’s existence.

“I believe that being a young person in the entertainment industry and partnering with an organisation such as JAM will encourage other young people who are fortunate to “offer a hand” to others who are less fortunate,” she said.

She continued to say that when people work together great things can be achieved and that giving back is not that difficult: “JAM has successfully proven that it’s as easy as planting a vegetable seed in your backyard and giving vegetables to the homeless man down the road. It takes a little to make a huge difference!”

And, it costs as little as R1 a day to feed a child with a bowl of highly nutritious porridge!

Luyanda believes that ensuring children are fed is imperative: “It’s not easy to motivate and encourage a child who is hungry. How can a child look forward to a better tomorrow when they don’t even have access to a basic need? Children are indeed the future and no child should ever go through a day without proper nutrition.”

We at JAM SA know that Luyanda will be a great help in spreading our message that children who do not receive the right nutrients are at risk of stunting, wasting or being obese. Without adequate nutrition, children may never reach their full potential and will probably not be able to contribute to our society or economy.

With committed people, such as Luyanda, on board we have a better chance at raising awareness about this important issue. We look forward to working with her!