Jay Kerekes

Jay Kerekes

Jay Kerekes (7) gives up pocket money to feed 47 children

Seven year old Jay Kerekes from Plettenberg Bay made angel charms which were sold in her father’s shop which raised enough money for JAM South Africa to feed 47 children for a month.

Her grandmother, Lynne Harris helped her make the charms using beads and a sharp wire stick and in one day sold more than seven charms . Jay said she enjoyed making the charms and she will make more to sell and continue to feed more children.

Jay’s grandmother saw the JAM advert to “Help feed a child” and asked Jay if she would like to donate money that would otherwise be her pocket money. Jay happily agreed. She was always excited to see her father as she would often ask him “how many children did we feed” as he arrived home from his jewellery shop, Roger’s Jewellery Studio.

Logan Harris, Jay’s father, said she is a special little girl and he is very proud of her selfless attitude at such an early age.