Khulani kids

Khulani kids

Khulani kids now full of smiles thanks to JAM Germany makeover!

What was once a collection of faded and ramshackle corrugated iron buildings is now a safe, sturdy and colourful learning environment for the children who attend Khulani Day Care & Pre-School in Drieziek, Orange Farm.

This is all thanks to the time and funds that a dedicated group all the way from Germany invested into changing the lives of these children.

“Before, Khulani was not looking good, especially during rainy and windy weather. It used to be dirty but now I can’t even see one paper…it is neat, clean and beautiful,” comments Lerato Duma, a teacher at Thandokuhle Day Care, another JAM-supported Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre in Orange Farm.

The makeover group certainly experienced some challenges during the week, in particular, the weather forecast that predicted rain for four out of the five days! “It was supernatural that we got perfect weather – not too hot, not to rainy,” comments Christoph Braeuchle, team leader with his wife, Marta. “We had an awesome experience as a team. I don’t think one person could have been left at home!”

“It’s is beautiful! Now there are enough classes for the different age groups, the toilets are nice, there’s a kitchen…everything is here! As for the garden and space available, it’s amazing…wow!” comments Thabi Mohale, Priscilla’s sister who also supports the centre through her church group.

“It’s so beautiful and different, she’s going to get more children now!” adds Clarence Mkhaliphi, mother of Khulani principal, Priscilla Sukazi.

“Can anybody here see the future?” asks David Brown, MD of JAMSA. “Seeing today is watching an incredible investment in this future! I want to ask you as a community, you need to continue investing in that future. They’re going to change the world that we live in!”

Mama Priscilla was overwhelmed by the transformation of the ECD centre. “I am happy, more than happy! To the people form JAM Germany, all we can say is thank you thank you very much!” Sabine Wenz, head of JAM Germany said it had been an honour for the team to work with Mama Priscilla, and asked that she treat the new centre as a treasure!

Christoph Braeuchle from Germany concludes: “We pray that the children will not only learn how to swing, climb and slide, but that they have a better start to life. They will be well fed, well educated, so they in turn can make a real difference in their community!”