Kido’s Educare Centre

Kido’s Educare Centre


Kido’s Educare Centre makeover is yet another success story fuelled by love, passion and a desire to continue adding hope.

Previously operating in a leaking, dusty and battered shack, Julia Maseko started Kido’s in Protea South in Soweto as a result of her love for children – especially those who were playing in unsafe areas not conducive to their development.

She took them into her shack, helped them with their homework and cared for them in the absence of their parents. As the African proverb goes, it takes a village to raise a child. In this case, not just the community of Protea South, but also an Amazing team from Switzerland.

Led by Andrea and Nadine Speccia, the team showed palpable love and compassion that not only raised funds to build a new centre, but also their active involvement in decorating, furnishing and seeing the makeover of the ECD through to completion. It now boasts three classrooms, an office, a kitchen and proper sanitation. The kids will also enjoy JAM porridge for a year, courtesy of the Swiss donors.

In Nadine’s speech at the handover ceremony, she said, “All mothers have eternal love for their children, the love is the same all over the world. Our children have more than enough so we want to share our love with you. We want to share our love and give you a piece of hope and a future; it goes deep in our hearts to see you smile. You’ve touched our hearts in the deepest way; you can’t imagine how happy you’ve made us feel.”

Echoing Nadine’s words, Julia expressed her gratitude for what JAM has done for the children and the community. While she was too emotional to give a lengthy speech, she explained that she is going to pull up her sleeves up high to ensure her kids get good quality education. “I love JAM; without JAM I was nothing, God sent you here to make things smooth,” she said.

The spirit of Ubuntu between the community, kids, teachers, principal, sponsors, JAM and the Swiss team on the day was something to behold. JAM South Africa salutes everyone that was involved in planting seeds that will grow in fertile ground. These children are being given a future they deserve.

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