What a makeover really means

What a makeover really means

What a makeover really means – Mama Annie

The true impact of a child care makeover is only really felt after the balloons have popped, the sweets have been eaten and the children settle into routine at their new school. The principal and a parent at Sakhile Day Care wrote to JAM SA to explain the real difference that the JAM Switzerland team has made in their lives.

I am the principal of Sakhile Day Care. I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

JAM, I thank you with all my heart for what you have done for our crèche. I wish I would have more words to express my feelings towards the new structure, equipment, all the renovations you had done for our centre.

People are flocking in to register their children. After the renovation, we had three children that are already at our school that said before it’s full they want their children to be in. People ask for forms to register even if I’m passing their streets.

At my area, they (parents and teachers) are so happy for me, some said I deserve this kind of nice structure because it’s long been in this field of ECD.

Now I really promise you this, I am going to implement more than before. You gave me power, I am more strong as you release the stress that I was in. I’ve completed my Diploma in Level 5, now they promised me the bursary in degree Level 5. God has opened the doors for me.

God will give you some sponsors again to help others like you did to me. Thanks so much JAM! God bless you with everything!

Yours faithfully,



My name is Khethiwe Mangaliso and my son’s name is Thato Mangaliso. Before my son attend Sakhile Day Care, I make some follow up e.g. teaching, food, care and environment, so I saw everything that I want for my son, because when you are a parent you want the best for your child.

Since then I fell in love with Sakhile Day Care, especially education til today.  At the age of four, he knows how to participate, like rhymes, sharing, music ring and activities outdoors and indoors.

The thing that makes me happy most is the new crèche and the equipment, it contributed a lot to him because when he is sick, he want to go to crèche even on weekends. I love everything e.g. teachers, food and crèche itself.

Right now, since after new development, Sakhile Day Care people are talking all over and other parents they want to take their child to Sakhile Day Care. Keep up the good work!