Makeovers Make A Good Impression

Makeovers Make A Good Impression

While doing six-month reports for our makeovers in Orange Farm, we bumped into Desiree Tomes from the teacher training organisation, Asha, who was at Thandabuhle conducting lessons for teachers in the area. Since the makeover, Thandabuhle has become the preferred venue for Asha’s training.

“It is like heaven on earth,” says Desiree admiringly. “Now we can come here rain or shine because these classrooms are just too beautiful.” She went on to say that the makeover has made a substantial difference to the children who now attend school in spite of bad weather – or school holidays.

She also praised the improved hygiene of the centre: “The handwash basins are significant as we are trying to teach children to keep their hands clean. It is the simplest way of
eliminating germs.”

It is clear then that the makeover does not just benefit the children and teachers at the
centre, but also those from the neighbouring areas. The makeover has had a ripple effect over the community.

Trainee teachers played ball in the one classroom while next door their desks were laid ready with all the reading material necessary to teach them about a child’s development.

“We are busy learning about social and emotional development,” Desiree said showing us her manuals. She says this training in a model environment gives the students confidence to be with children every day.

Meanwhile, a few of our other ECD centres have been registered or are a few tickboxes away: Needy Kids Day Care (Engen) sent us its papers, Mohau (Joan Wood) has been taken off our feeding scheme because of their registration and Inkwekwezi (JAM Germany) needs only a building plan and a double sink to comply.

This is great news as it shows we are indeed “Helping Africa help itself”.

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