Making a difference

Making a difference

Making a difference through music – by Janet Rich

Janet Rich, a talented South African singer, songwriter and pianist tells us about what led to the launch of her self-titled album and donating R5 from each sale to Joint Aid Management South Africa (JAM SA).

As a little girl, I remember sitting on the carpet in-front of these really big speakers my dad built listening to Psalty’s Kids Praise. I remember Charity Church Mouse. She taught me to be a servant of all. I remember two little scared kids getting lost in the woods singing about casting their cares on Jesus. I practise these two principals on a daily basis… I love to serve and I trust God.

Music tells a story, with or without words. It has the power to change the condition of a heart. David playing his harp to calm Saul down is a great example of that. Music in the movies creates an atmosphere that suggests terror, happiness, love, and the list carries on. Melodic words added to music have the power to transport you out of your own world straight into someone else’s. It evokes emotions and thoughts both familiar and unfamiliar to you. This was the medium God used to open up my heart and music is a powerful communication medium for all of us.

I was in a conference in 2004 and watched a video on less fortunate children. My world had been pretty small up to then. I returned to the same conference in 2006 where God carefully worked on my heart preparing me. It wasn’t until my third attendance at this conference in 2008 that I watched another moving video with a powerful song accompanying it when God gave me the full vision of what He wanted me to do. It was simple (minus all the other details). He wanted me to write songs from His heart to ours so He could tell everyone how much He loves them and out of this, He would guide me to the next step to how we would reach out to children. In fact, it’s only now as I am writing this I am reminded of it!

I have been thinking about JAM South Africa for a while now. They are making a difference both locally and internationally. What they are doing is effective. I want to make a difference but this world is too big to make a difference alone. I wanted to support JAM South Africa financially to be a part of what they are doing in making an impact in these children’s lives, to see children have a good life lacking nothing! A meal is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and my desire is simply to help meet these needs.

I decided to donate R5 of each CD sold so children’s lives can be better than if I never decided to make take a step to reach out.

To buy Janet’s album (and in so doing, support JAM SA’s Nutritional Feeding programme), please visit iTunes and Like her Facebook page to keep up with this talented South African as she grows in her music career!