Marvellous Melonie

Marvellous Melonie

Marvellous Melonie moves mountains

On 10 September 2016, 51-year-old Red Strider Melonie Phillips attempted to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise funds and awareness for JAM.

Melonie, Financial Manager at The Best Funeral Society, explained how raising funds for JAM has made her realise the joy and peace that comes with giving: “Because I lived in fear, I used to be very protective of my time and money. Since I opened myself up to raise funds for others and stop thinking about only feeding MY children, the gates have opened up and amazing things have happened. It has been a very spiritual experience for me.”

After a five-day journey, Melonie reached 5 000 of 5 892 meters, but had to come back down due to altitude sickness.

“I didn’t summit, but I had the most awesome experience of my life!” Melonie said. She is excited about the prospect of going back in 2018, but this year she’s gearing up for the 250km Tankwa Camino in the Karoo, which lasts ten days, to continue raising awareness and funds.

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