Michigan born Alexis Klatt reaches out at JAM SA

Michigan born Alexis Klatt reaches out at JAM SA

Written by: Sarah Sebetola

Professionally a Social Worker, Alexis Klatt spent three months in South Africa volunteering in the JAM SA programmes, understanding how they work and offering help whether big or small. For Alexis helping others in any way is a blessing.

To get accustomed to JAM SA operations, she visited a lot of  daycare centres, from the greatest in need to the better off, doing needs assessments, monitoring and evaluation, as well as creating a data collection tool for the makeover programmes. This was by far the best part her experience as she also was able to interact with children regularly.

“Meeting JAM staff and volunteers from other countries was loads of fun and it was really a pleasure to take part in the awesome work that JAM does”.

Apart from the work, Alexis enjoyed herself at different tourist spots. From safaris where she patted Elephants, Lions and Cheetahs, a tour at Constitution Hill and Cradle of Human Kind, to enjoying a sunny Sunday at Maboneng Precinct, the trendy and dynamic social scene of the city of Joburg.

On her last day she said, “ Africa holds such a huge place in my heart and I know I will be back some day. I want to thank you all for making my experience at JAM so warm, wonderful, and fulfilling. You guys are truly changing lives and making such a huge difference. When I get home I will be doing promotional presentations about JAM at Michigan State University to spread awareness about the needs in Africa”.

Alexis explained that moving to a new continent enabled her to learn new things and survive on her own. “Being outside my comfort zone has really allowed me to grow, because I didn’t have easy access to everything I wanted”.

We wish Alexis all the best in her future endeavors and look forward to welcoming her back to JAM.


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