Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds of change in Orange Farm on World Food Day

Our theme for this year’s World Food Day was, “Imparting growth to the next generation”, on the morning of 16 October 2014, agricultural groups from various locations in Orange Farm made their way to Ebenezer Day Care Centre where we were to have our celebrations.

Whilst the community and household farmers filled up the tent, the children had their daily bowl of JAM’s nutritious porridge. Once all full, they were ready to tackle the day and our celebrations could begin!

With small garden tools in hand and making sure not to forget their dance moves, the children entertained all those who were gathered in the garden.

Joseph Tsotetsi our agricultural field worker led the children into the garden and showed them how to prepare a vegetable garden, before pouring carrot and spinach seeds into their cupped hands and helping them sow the seeds. An eager toddler was tasked with watering the vegetable bed which he did ever so enthusiastically!

With speakers from the local council, Community Development Workers, household farmers and ECD centre owners, the event was lively and characterised by community engagement. Ideas were shared on how best to utilise a small yard, by planting in old tyres and using old washing basins.

Jack Mahlaula, deputy chairperson of Siyaphambili acknowledged their long fruitful relationship with JAM, through knowledge exchange and skills development. Selby Ramoloaise, a Community Development Worker shared that, “Everywhere you go in Orange Farm you see JAM signs. This just shows the impact that this organisation has had, and continues to have in our community.”

It was inspiring seeing elderly people sharing their testimonies on the importance of grasping every opportunity that comes along, being able to transfer knowledge and skills, and to support those who cannot help themselves because of illness or old age.

David Brown, JAM SA’s MD, stated that, “all these agricultural programmes we have initiated in Orange Farm, belong to the community of Orange Farm. They are your projects to help build capacity so this community can help itself.”

With that said, vegetable seedlings donated by Four Seasons Gardens, were distributed to various household farmers and refreshments were served. The celebrations ended with knowledge being exchanged, minds being filled and bodies being nourished.