Leshoko Day Care Centre

Leshoko Day Care Centre

Proactive development at Leshoko Day Care Centre

Deliwe Segodi, owner of Leshoko Day Care received a makeover from JAM-Switzerland and a backyard garden was established. From that humble garden a huge yield of tomatoes was harvested and the extra’s were sold and added to the centre’s Development Fund.

Through Deliwe’s industrious nature and her nurturing the participation of the parents, fundraising events such as pyjama parties bring in a source of extra funds for the Development Fund.

Since being a beneficiary of JAM SA’s Nutritious Feeding Programme, Deliwe has been able to save the money which was originally meant for breakfast and through all these avenues, she’s managed to cement the backyard which was getting muddy during rainy seasons, installed a corrugated shelter over the backyard, creating more space for playing.

Deliwe’s levels of zeal have no bounds as she further believes in empowering her community. When the ECD centre needed shelf to hold the children’s bags, she sourced the local carpenter to build the needed shelf for the children’s bags. Deliwe is very energetic and proud of her centre and has plans to improve it to enhance  the children’s educational experience.

This petite, well managed and sustainable ECD centre is a fantastic example of how active participation of parents can ensure what JAM SA does through our nutritional feeding programme and our makeover programmes is maintained and further built on by zealous ECD centre owners and proud parents. JAM SA is incredibly proud of the work that Deliwe Segodi is doing and we would like to say, “Congratulations! Onward and forward!”