Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Being prepared to respond quickly and effectively to different disaster events, and reduce their impact, is vital. In the developing world, this is especially important because economic instability and lower levels of development mean that countries and their people are typically more vulnerable to the shocks of a disaster than those in the developed world.

As one of Africa’s longest-running humanitarian organisations, JAM has committed itself to turn the tide on poverty and hunger for African rural communities, especially children.

In over three decades, we have grown into a global movement that affects visible change in some of the hardest-to-reach parts of the continent through a multi-pronged approach that includes, among others, the rollout of emergency response, agricultural development, school feeding and nutritional assistance, as well as clean and safe water supply.

Emergency Responsiveness

South Sudan Actions
The crisis engulfing the country began in December 2013 and has led to the displacement of more than 1.5 million people. JAM is working with our existing partners to scale up the humanitarian response in the three worst-affected states where we already have a presence.

Western Cape Actions
The province is gripped by such severe drought that Health experts fear the worst, as dehydration and basic hygiene take a backseat, and the incidence of deadly bacterial infection rises. Familiar with the far-reaching implications that a lack of access to safe, clean water can create, JAM stepped in and began drilling water wells in the area.