Infrastructure development

Infrastructure development

Infrastructure development through Makeovers

JAM has been pioneering Early Childhood Development School makeovers across South Africa, creating opportunities for Early Development Centres to receive a complete transformation of their premises. Through improving the conditions of their environment this project also orchestrated joy into the lives of the communities. This joy overflows from the children to the parents and directly into the hearts of the volunteers.

The JAM Early Childhood Development School Makeovers are extremely beneficial for the education system in South Africa. These projects encourage a higher schooling standard, which in turn will reflect on the delivery of the teachers’ lessons and the expectation of the children. JAM also incorporates into this project, access to nutritious feeding for a year, which ensures the children receive a substantial healthy breakfast.

Volunteering or giving financially to support a JAM Early Childhood Development School makeover is amazing and also indirectly transforms the minds of our volunteers. It is through this eye-opening experience that we can share the value of such a project and encourage many more Early Childhood Development School makeovers through the vision of JAM.

We cannot be disconnected from the very unequal conditions that exist in this world and we should continue to embark on journeys, give generously for real change and continue to join hands in Helping Africa help itself.