Reatakala Day Care Centre expands beyond expectations

by / Friday, 09 February 2018 / Published in featured news on homepage


Situated in Phase One, Orange Farm is Reatakala Day Care Centre. This ECD Center was started by Nomvula Elsie Maphiri in 2003. She explained that her love for children and desire to prevent unsupervised children from roaming in the streets is what pushed her to start the creche.

Initially operating from a one room shack was not easy but she persevered as more children registered which meant they were no longer playing in the streets. In 2010 the creche benefitted from a two room makeover, a new fence sponsored by Atio Corporation and also started receiving the JAM porridge.

Nomvula explained that before the improvements, she endured many challenges. One of them was of teachers that did not stay at the creche for long because they weren’t happy with their salaries. She couldn’t pay them what they deserved because of the few children at the creche and some who did not paying school fees. That has since changed because there are now four teachers, and 54 fee paying children aged between 0-6 years.

Reatakala now operates from an extension of four spacious classrooms, an office, kitchen and a storeroom which were built in 2016. “I have been saving money since 2010 to extend the creche and I cannot thank JAM enough because if it wasn’t for the donation of the JAM porridge I would not have been able to save”, said Nomvula.

The impact of receiving the JAM porridge is not only evident through the savings, but also in the children’s energy, concentration levels and rapid weight gain. “This porridge is Number 1, the children love it and the parents also appreciate that their children receive good nutrients that it’s packed with”.

We are proud of Nomvula and the AMAZING improvements she has made to the creche and the children’s lives.

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