Recognition to a worthy employee

What is an organisation if not its people? In JAM’s case, our team is at the heart of what we do and are a vital element in enabling us to fulfill our vision of ‘Helping Africa help itself.’

Callie Thelestane, a receptionist and the first contact point for all visitors to JAM’s Head Office in Johannesburg, has faithfully served JAM for 28 years.  At JAM’s  30-year anniversary event, she was presented with a special award in recognition of her long devoted service to JAM, but most importantly to the children of Africa, which we support.

The award, based on the DELTA principles of: Delivery, Efficiency, Leadership, Trust and Alignment (DELTA) are what JAM employees strive to achieve in their roles and on which performance is measured. The principles are critical in helping JAM achieve our goals and how we can provide over 1 million meals each day to our beneficiaries in five African nations.

When asked what the award means to her, Callie said, “It reminds me of the care and heart that JAM has and I’m receiving the award with gratitude.” She further shared, “Through steady progress; step by step, JAM has truly grown to what it is today.”

Forever generous with her knowledge and wisdom Callie concluded, “My time at JAM has been a time of reflection and growth. As the organisation grows it is my wish to see even more of our beneficiaries grasping the skills that we have given them, so our mission [to empower Africans to create better lives for themselves] is expanded.”

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