Conquered fear of heights

Conquered fear of heights

Rene conquered her fear of heights

Discovery Invest staff members took part in the adventurous Toyota Warrior Race that took place at Legends MX in Pretoria from 11-12 February 2017.

The R400 entry fee was matched by sponsors sourced by Team Leader Quintus Becker who worked tirelessly to ensure all was smooth sailing.

While the majority of the staff members effortlessly jumped off a 6m platform into muddy water to complete the race, Rene, Operations manager at Discovery Invest, held back because of her fear of heights. She said she was absolutely terrified and cried for more that ten minutes before she could eventually push herself over the edge.

“The team that I’ve got didn’t give up on me, they cheered me all the way, and because of them I did it. I’m still reeling from the shock, I don’t think it has sunk in, but it was incredible! It was great to race for a charity like JAM.”