The right to food and growth

by / Tuesday, 14 October 2014 / Published in Archive

Yesterday Oxfam released a report titled, “Hidden Hunger in South Africa: The Faces of Hunger and Malnutrition in a Food Secure Nation.” During this World Hunger Action Month, it is important to realise that much is still needed to address hunger in South Africa.  The report states that, “15 million South Africans are on the verge of hunger, as any reduction of their already meagre income will push them into chronic hunger…furthermore, 26% of the population goes hungry regularly and 28.3% are regularly at risk of going hungry.”  Moreover, “A quarter of children under the age of five are stunted and 15% of babies are born underweight.” Oxfam further states, “Food insecurity and hunger destroys human potential, strips away human dignity and fosters inequality throughout society.” We as JAM South Africa (JAM SA) are doing our part daily, by feeding over 44 000 children that attend JAM supported day care centres across five provinces in South Africa. For the full Oxfam Report please click on the link:

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