A lesson from Diepsloot

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Thandi* is 20 years old, unemployed and a single mother of two. She does not have an ID book so cannot apply for a child grant. She has to sell her body to make money and goes from one boyfriend to another to ensure that she and her children have a place to stay. Thandi’s

One of the objectives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ World Food Day, marked every year on 16 October, is to ‘heighten public awareness of the problem of hunger in the world’. To help relieve hunger in the Swaneville community, 160 beneficiaries received take-home food hampers, provided by KFC Add Hope.

A hungry nation cannot be a growing one and with three million of South Africa’s children going hungry, we need to join together to make sure that their tummies are filled.  A decade-long study performed by NGO, Save the Children shows that malnutrition severely hampers learning ability in children. With three million hungry children, this

To mark World Hunger Relief Month in October, KFC South Africa has given up its Colonel logo and replaced it with the smiling faces of children. These faces represent the children that benefit from KFC’s corporate social responsibility initiative, Add Hope.  The extraordinary move is part of KFC’s Add Hope Campaign for October and reinforces

Food security in SA declining

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More than half of South Africans do not have regular access to enough food, according to a study released by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) in August. JAM SA believes that every South African can have access to enough food if they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to establish food gardens in

28 May was not a normal day for many JAM staff members this year. A number of us chose to go hungry to feel – just for one day – to experience what millions of children go through every single day across the world. “The impact of today was more emotional than physical. I was