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What about the children not attending ECD centres? – by Martyn Foot

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JAM porridge reaches new heights in Limpopo

An empty tummy is no longer going to stop 2 000 pre-schoolers in Limpopo from playing and learning. This is thanks to the nutritional feeding programme launched in rural villages by Flying for Life and Joint Aid Management South Africa (JAM SA). In South Africa, malnutrition is associated with more than 60% of child deaths


A lesson from Diepsloot

Thandi* is 20 years old, unemployed and a single mother of two. She does not have an ID book so cannot apply for a child grant. She has to sell her body to make money and goes from one boyfriend to another to ensure that she and her children have a place to stay. Thandi’s


JAM goes hungry for World Hunger Day

28 May was not a normal day for many JAM staff members this year. A number of us chose to go hungry to feel – just for one day – to experience what millions of children go through every single day across the world. “The impact of today was more emotional than physical. I was