Red Riders

Laura Durham writes about what it means to be a Red Rider and part of the team that rides for JAM SA in the cycle race that takes place every year in Johannesburg. Those three words sum up my experience of being one of JAM SA’s Red Riders in last year’s Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

Click here to pledge your support to the red riders It’s that time of the year again – entries are now open for the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge. Joint Aid Management South Africa (JAM SA) will be registering the Red Riders again this year and we would love for you to join the team! 16 November

Join Team Red Bowl’s Red Riders and ride for the JAM SA purpose in this year’s Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge! Team Red Bowl, the fundraising leg of Joint Aid Management South Africa (JAM SA) has been registered as an official charity for this year and if you agree, you’ll join the Red Riders on this