Buzy Bee!

Buzy Bee!

All things bright & beautiful at Buzy Bee!

“We love you JAM, we love you! Thank you for the food! Thank you for the shoes!”  

The children of Buzy Bee Childhood Development recite this excitedly as they stand in front of their brand new child care centre!

The bright colours, happy murals, tables loaded with goodies and scooters raring to go around the track makes the formal proceedings of the handover ceremony almost too much to bear for some of the little ones! One little girl even showed off some of her dance moves as some of the very talented JAM Swiss team serenaded the Orange Farm community.

“Thank you for participating in making my dream come true!” says Mama Annah. It really must have seemed like a dream for the kids – who had just walked from their old school; a crowded white container that had no space for playing outside.

Simon Ndaba, DA leader for Ward 2, addressed the crowd, applauding the JAM Swiss team and emphasising how important it is for children to have a platform to develop into contributing members of society.

“Thanks especially to JAM for your work in the community, you’re helping our leaders of tomorrow!” comments Mama Annah.

For makeover team leader, Fabienne Stöckli, this was her second makeover in South Africa. “I’m really happy to be back, it’s like coming home – everyone is so friendly to us, we’ve really enjoyed the week here. I am really happy they have enough space for playing…for being children!

And play the children certainly did until dusty and tired, it was finally time to go home. The best part of it all? They’ll be coming back to their dream-come-true centre after the weekend!

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