All things wise at Ipopeng

All things wise at Ipopeng

All things wise and wonderful at Ipopeng

“All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful; The Lord God made them all.”The handiwork of the Zion Fellowship group at Ipopeng Day Care in Diepsloot is certainly a wonderful sight to behold.

In the space of a week, the makeover group all the way from the US managed to splash colour and joy all through the two container classrooms, the small outdoor play area, as well as the kitchen. “The school is good, everything is beautiful! I was surprised when I entered this place!” comments Tshidi Mashila, who came to pick up her nephew, Sphamandla, at the end of the makeover handover celebration.

The group also repaired the playing equipment, blocked leaking holes, cemented steps, and created a vegetable garden that would be rat-proof, thanks to clever slippery pots. “Before, when it rained, we couldn’t have the kids in the classrooms but had to bring them into the house. Now it is beautiful! They have really made a big change because now the children have access to everything,” says Sonto Maseko, owner and principal of Ipopeng Day Care.

“Thank you for everything you have done. You have really encouraged us to do more as ECD owners,” comments Pastor Abram Kgari who works at the New Revolution church in Diepsloot.

It took the group a whole year to raise the funds. For many of the group, this was their second trip to participate in a makeover while others were visiting South Africa for the first time. First-timer, Aneysa Fowler had a wonderful time: “This has been a very eye-opening experience for me. People are in such need and I believe God has a plan for me to help. This is only the first step!”

“This has been an awesome experience. The organisation and excellence of this ministry is outstanding. The living quarters, food and kindness of the staff is wonderful. Thank you for furthering the kingdom by serving one child at a time,” says Sharon Nicholson, another member of the makeover team.

“We arrived ready to work, excited. Everyone that came were really hard workers, all with different gifts and talents that come out as we go along. It’s been a joy!” says Pastor Joan Wood, who led the team from Zion Fellowship.

“I pray that one day in the future they will look back and say, ‘somebody made a difference’ and they will look forward and say, ‘how can I make a difference?’” says David Brown, MD of JAMSA.

“Some of our team have looked into the faces of these children and seen doctors, presidents, lawyers and craftsmen!” concludes David Mount, member of the makeover group.


If you would like to find out more about how to take part in your own makeover at one of our JAM-supported ECD centres, please email