Get It recently interviewed JAM Co-Founder Ann Pretorius for the Joburg West edition of the community magazine. Ann shares the story of JAM and the vision for the future. Read the full interview here – Jam(ing) with Ann

Thanks to the generous funds from JAM Norway and time donated by a group of volunteers, Ma Lizzy Day and After Care Centre has been transformed into a bright and happy centre of love and learning. Maxi Makeover A group of 13 volunteers from Norway arrived in South Africa to participate in the Maxi Makeover

Celebrating the importance of World Water Day on 22 March, JAM stands firm in its goal to help curb preventable fatalities caused by water-borne diseases in Africa. According to the World Bank, an estimated 1.5 million people died globally in 2012 of such diseases. Within JAM’s development programs, strong emphasis is placed on providing water

Water is an instrument of peace. This precious and life-giving resource has the unique power to divide – or unite – nations and communities. As JAM commemorates World Water Day (WWD) today (22 March 2013) it is unsettling to hear of predictions that the next world war is likely to be fought over this all-important